What We Offer

The Uplift Project is a series of localized events that aim to create positive, transformative and life-changing experiences through programs and retreats curated with some of the world’s leading thinkers, practitioners and provocateurs.  Our goal is to make these experiences accessible to those who crave a time to acquire new skills, reset and uplift themselves.



 Photo by Gerald Forster of  Welcome Earth

Photo by Gerald Forster of Welcome Earth

Our projects attract individuals who are interested in learning about a new practice to bring balance and stress relief into their lives. Projects vary depending on the modality presented- they can be a talk or an experience, like a relationship talk or a sound meditation or breath work, and feature world-renowned practitioners and teachers we call experts.  


 Photo by  Victoria Masters

The urban retreat is an annual project that takes place in New York City over the course of a weekend. Guests enjoy multiple immersive experiences supported by knowledge throughout the weekend that leaves them with skills to carry into their day-to-day lives. We provide a luxurious setting, nutritious meals and time to connect to self and others. 


 Photo by Adrian Cabrero for  Edit Tradeshow

Photo by Adrian Cabrero for Edit Tradeshow

When personal well-being is prioritized, individuals are better equipped to handle stress and make better work-related decisions, increasing productivity. Let us help cultivate skills to reduce stress and enhance performance and creativity in the workplace. We curate on-site and off-site projects tailor-made for your team.